All events, all the time!


Many people think of Inflection Point Intelligence as an education company providing courses for asset management professionals. And it’s true, our Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program and Henley Family Office Program courses are very popular and are what we are best known for. During the pandemic, providing these family office training courses and hedge fund courses online was pretty much all we could do, although we added in regular webinars for the members of our Professional Network, to try and provide some much-needed human interaction.


Once the restrictions of the pandemic were gone, however, we got fully back out in the community and have been running multiple events across major financial centres.

May saw Anna arrive for a week in Hong Kong, and as part of her visit we arranged cocktails to bring new connections and old friends together. It was also a real pleasure to host a tea to welcome the Hong Kong-based IWD Scholarship participants, who are taking our hedge fund certification (the Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program) and the family office course (the Henley Family Office Program).


Meanwhile in London, we finally beat the train strike jinx and held a networking event in June, at our favourite venue, Asia House. Interactive Brokers were our kind sponsors, and we welcomed many new faces.

We also held a tea with the UK-based IWD Scholarship participants. And this seems like a great moment to congratulate Amy Lister of Centralis, for being the first scholar to complete the programme!


Just to mix things up a bit, and show that we are truly back in the global education business, we will be holding not one but two events on November 7th – in Singapore and in New York. Delighted to be back networking with our alumni, lecturers, partners and industry members in those great financial centres. If you’d like an invitation to either, please reach out to Lisa on If you are not a member of the IPI Professional Network, please sign up at - our Photo Gallery pictures will give you a flavour of previous events!


And on the subject of global reach – Steve and Anna will be traveling to Dubai to meet with members of the asset management industry and government entities. We’ll be there from November 1st to 5th – do let us know if you’d like to meet up!


On the educational content side, we continue to add more courses.

We’re working now with three content partners: Cognitive GRC, GoImpact and Evolution-U.

Cognitive GRC has 4 courses available on our Catalog page:

- SFC Introduction/Refresher Compliance Training

- Anti-Money Laundering & Counter-Terrorist Financing Training

- Market Misconduct Insider Training

- Climate 101 for Managers and Analysts (in conjunction with Red Links)


GoImpact has 2 courses available:

  • Sustainability Basics: Then, Now & Next
  • Navigating the Carbon Markets


And Evolution-U is our latest partner, with the addition of their “How to Develop Negotiation Power” course. This course introduces 12 strategies for claiming value in negotiation by developing your negotiation power and thereby positioning yourself in a way that impacts your counterpart’s perception. The underlying psychology in any negotiation is a key dimension most negotiators fail to focus on. By understanding the thought processes you can trigger based on your actions, it is possible to manage the perception of the other side and claim more value for yourself.


If you’ve taken either of our flagship programmes - the Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program (a leadinghedge fund certification offering) or the Henley Family Office Program (our family office executive education program), you are entitled to a discount on any course – reach out to Lisa for more details.


Additionally, as promised earlier this year, we launched the IPI Pro brand of courses. In addition to a short course family office education program, “Structuring a Family Office in Singapore”, we have begun roll-out of a major learning pathway on Private Equity. The PE Learning Pathway (PELP) will include 12 units:

  1. What is Private Equity?
  2. Fund Structures and Financials
  3. Legal Considerations
  4. Tax Considerations
  5. Capital Raising & Investor Relations
  6. The Investment Process
  7. Deal Valuation and Performance Measurement
  8. Portfolio Management
  9. Risk Management
  10. Business Management
  11. Governance & Compliance
  12. Responsible Investing


As with the hedge funds training and family office training, these units are taught by industry professionals with many years of experience in their field.

Four units are available so far, with the remainder being rolled out over the next 5 months. For early bird discounts, please contact Lisa So at