Our alumni are our best advocates!

I took the Henley Hedge Fund course in preparation of my desire to become a COO in the future. The class gave me a practical overview on each function of the Hedge Fund business across strategies. Combined with my hands on experience, I am now the COO of an equity L/S fund!
Teresa Lai
COO, Hedge Fund
I joined the program to better understand the needs, challenges and requirements faced by fund managers in a fast moving and ever changing alternative asset industry. The insights from leading specialists and experts gathered by the program were very valuable, providing both theoretical but also real life experiences. We were also able to forge meaningful relationships with other fellow students, by sharing each other’s views and exposure from different backgrounds.
Patrice Lo
Director, SS&C GlobeOp
While exploring my next career challenge, curious about how hedge fund clients operate their business after over 10 years working on the service provider side, I took the course. I’ve not just gained a holistic hands-on real-practice understanding of hedge funds from setup to management, but also met amazing people in the industry. The program provides networking opportunities to connect with global alumni and instructors, very fortunate to be part of it!
Michelle Liu
AVP, State Street
After 10 years in financial industry, I took the program to brush up my knowledge. The course demonstrates how much the market has shifted with all the new asset classes to trade, provides in-depth views on Japanese regulation, taxation and legal matters which were all scattered dots in my mind before. The program is truly market-oriented and delivers practical knowledge. I have to say this is the strength of this unique program.
Alumnus in Japan
I loved every moment of it. The course content was valuable and highly relevant to anyone interested in working in the hedge fund industry – and beyond. Information was provided by industry experts and easily transferrable into any area of Finance. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to expand their knowledge in this area.
Beth Wright
In-house Legal, Bank Julius Baer
Taking the Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program was the perfect decision for my mid-career break. Having spent 16 years in the travel analytics space, I was keen to apply my skillset to a new industry. Not only did I gain a broad understanding of the Asian hedge funds, I benefited from excellent guest speakers and built wonderful long-term relationships.
Deepa Mahidhara
Director, Data Science & Analytics at Publicis Sapient
As an IT professional becoming more involved in the business side of Hedge Funds, this course was extremely valuable. The modules on every aspect of a Hedge Fund (including IT) were tremendous. You also have access to industry leaders not only in a teaching setting, but in social situations giving you access to their wisdom in an amazing way. I am very grateful Henley provided this opportunity.
Thomas Shay
vCTO, Edge Technology Group
I took this program to understand the diverse spectrum of the hedge fund industry and to get a deeper understanding of the various stakeholders’ roles within this multi-faceted ecosystem. I have benefitted greatly from the rich content of the course and expanded my network in the industry. The course has broadened my overall perspective in this domain which i intend to leverage in the future.
Kasturi Majumdar
Vice President, Maples Group
Facing unemployment I took this course looking to add to my financial industry knowledge, network and hopefully find a lead into a new job. I was successful at all three. This course puts all the pieces of the hedge fund puzzle together in a clean and concise way, while giving students the opportunity to interact with professionals from around the industry. Put in the work and you could find yourself on the path to the buy side.
Steven Fraser
Product Manager, Virtu Financial
A great programme which provided a thorough look into all elements of a hedge fund, with great real life examples provided by seasoned industry experts. Great for both the knowledge and network I gained from this course!
Nitika Vyas
Trader Assistant,